Sarraounia means queen or chiefess, and among the Azna people of Lougou and surrounding Hausa towns and villages, the term refers to a lineage of female rulers who exercised both political and religious power. Queen Sarraounia of the Aznas in Africa fought French colonists in 1899. Queen Sarraounia mobilized her people and resources, military as well as magical, to confront the French force which launched a fierce attack on her fortress capital of Lougou.

THE SARRAOUNIA TRUST is a not-for-profit public health agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 2008 we work at the cutting edge of development and change in the public health. Constituted as a committed group of diverse women practitioners with a wide range of public health expertise and experience in development.

OUR BACKGROUNDS are in public health, education, health promotion, media, medicine and social research.

OUR EXPERTISE is in research, communication and capacity development. Collectively, our team is exceptionally well qualified and experienced.
The Trust works at all levels of public health activity. We have experience working at the community, local government, provincial and national government levels. Practitioners working at the Sarraounia Trust have experience working in South Africa and in sub-Saharan Africa.

OUR METHODOLOGY is appreciative rather than problem-centred and aims to build on what is working. Critical to all our work is an uncompromising commitment to the integrity of the people and communities with whom we work. We are committed to the principles of gender equality, and seek to actively and critically engage with all aspects of the development process to ensure that gender is central to the notion of development. The emphasis of the Trust is to transform complex issues to something user-friendly, succinct and accessible to a variety of audiences.

TEAM WORK The Trust believes small multi-disciplinary teams are the most effective approach to address the problems and challenges faced by our clients. Each team puts the emphasis on the delivery of high quality products and successful communication between the Trust and the client. Where necessary, the Trust establishes partnerships with other organisations to meet the specific needs of clients.